Whatever Happened to Immaginari PostColoniali/Postcolonial Visions?

A few years ago, I first learned about this project on Italian colonial memory called "Immaginari PostColoniali - PostColonial Visions".The project sought to establish "a large shared archive of everyday images and objects, an unconventional convention, exhibitions, performances and workshops in schools" about Italy's colonial history. I had a personal interest in this project because … Continue reading Whatever Happened to Immaginari PostColoniali/Postcolonial Visions?

Sayed Kashua at Other Israel Film Festival

Following a screening of Season Four of his comedy show Arab Labour, Sayed Kashua talks about his reasons for leaving Israel, in a panel moderated by Lucy Aharish with Mira Awad, Menashe Noy and Sammy Smooha. Nashua gets into a  bit of a heated debate with Smooha as to whether things have improved or not for Arabs … Continue reading Sayed Kashua at Other Israel Film Festival

Unerasable Memories

A video exhibition which opens on August 30th in São Paulo will feature work by three Lebanese artists, Akram Zaatari, Walid Raad, and Rabih Mroué, as well as Morocco’s Bouchra Khalili. The full title of the exhibition is “Unerasable Memories – A Historical Take on the Videobrasil Collection,” referring to the Videobrasil project, which claims … Continue reading Unerasable Memories

Their Archives, Our History

In Moroccan author Muhammad Barradah’s The Game of Forgetting (1998, Luʿbat al-Nisyān, 1987), there is a disagreement between a figure referred to as the author and another described as the narrator’s narrator, who objects to the author’s attempt to write history. As the narrator’s narrator points out: “You still live in a society that has … Continue reading Their Archives, Our History

When Absurdity Becomes The Form

The two works of art above, by Lebanese artist Youssef Shawki, are described in an article in The National as at the centre of his exhibition, Acid Fields, "a collection of abstract works featuring tormented and distorted figures." The only two paintings that veer from illustrating bodies are the maps: Arab World Map Construct / … Continue reading When Absurdity Becomes The Form