Database of Middle Eastern Art

The Mathaf Encycloped​ia of Modern Art and the Arab World (MEMAAW) project to create a comprehensive database of Middle Eastern art, however over-ambitious, however badly-acyonymed, however provisional, however in-the-early-stages and still a work in progress, has been welcome news to many who have felt keenly the absence of exactly this kind of resource. More on … Continue reading Database of Middle Eastern Art

Interview with Myrna Ayad on Saudi Art

artnet interviews Canvas magazine editor Myrna Ayad on the Saudi art scene, following the publication of the book Contemporary Kingdom: The Saudi Art Scene Now. Asked about the challenges facing artists, Ayad talks about the stereotypes about Saudi Arabia:   What is the biggest challenge facing the Saudi art scene?
 From the West: Being pigeonholed … Continue reading Interview with Myrna Ayad on Saudi Art

A Cloud Reflecting Life

What do you see in the smoke rising from an explosion? As Israeli airstrikes explode over Gaza, Palestinian photographer Belal Khaled turns death into art, seeing symbols of resistance in the clouds of smoke. Similar to how children and day dreamers might interpret shapes in the sky, Khaled turns the Gaza airstrikes into something wistful and … Continue reading A Cloud Reflecting Life

Loud Art and Nuqat: ‘Executing Culture Shock’

Saudi initiative LOUD Art has partenered with Nuqat, a platform for connecting artists in the the Middle East, to put on an exhibition with the title 'Executing Culture Shock'.  Apparently the initiative is "aimed at challenging and examining the experience of cultural change and its effect on artists and designers." The exhibition will be on … Continue reading Loud Art and Nuqat: ‘Executing Culture Shock’

Art Exhibition: Despite

"Despite brings together the work of a group of contemporary artists from Palestine – both the West Bank and Gaza, and includes work by artists such as Mohammed Joha, Hani Zurob, Majed Shala, Mohammed Abusal, Nidal Abu Oun and Raed Issa." The exhibition starts today and goes to the 28th.I love the title! Earlier this … Continue reading Art Exhibition: Despite

Tomorrow We Will See

The film Bukra Minshouf ("Tomorrow We Will See") by Lebanese-Japanese director Soraya Umewaka tells the story of Lebanon and art through ten artists, offering "a window into Lebanon's flourishing creative culture." Here's more about the film: A rock band's thought-provoking lyrics, a poet's description of time shrinking, an architect's experimental manipulation of space, and a … Continue reading Tomorrow We Will See