Brazilian Literature and the Arab Culture

Moema Olival's recent book, Brazilian Literature and the Arab Culture, examines the "influence of traditions of Arab countries, especially Lebanon, in novels, poems and essays of six Brazilian authors of Arab descent." Those authors are: Milton Hatoum, Raduan Nassar, Miguel Jorge, William Argel de Mello, Salim Miguel and Carlos Nejar. I'm not sure about the translation of … Continue reading Brazilian Literature and the Arab Culture

Unerasable Memories

A video exhibition which opens on August 30th in São Paulo will feature work by three Lebanese artists, Akram Zaatari, Walid Raad, and Rabih Mroué, as well as Morocco’s Bouchra Khalili. The full title of the exhibition is “Unerasable Memories – A Historical Take on the Videobrasil Collection,” referring to the Videobrasil project, which claims … Continue reading Unerasable Memories