From Mathaf to Madrid

The exhibition Looking at the World Around You: Contemporary Works from Qatar Museums is being held from 9 February to 19 June 2016 at the Santander Art Gallery in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid, the "first major loan exhibition in Europe of works from Mathaf, the Arab Museum of Contemporary Art in Doha."   This selection, more … Continue reading From Mathaf to Madrid

Database of Middle Eastern Art

The Mathaf Encycloped​ia of Modern Art and the Arab World (MEMAAW) project to create a comprehensive database of Middle Eastern art, however over-ambitious, however badly-acyonymed, however provisional, however in-the-early-stages and still a work in progress, has been welcome news to many who have felt keenly the absence of exactly this kind of resource. More on … Continue reading Database of Middle Eastern Art

2014 Arab Film Festival in Korea

The 2014 Arab Film Festival is being held from the 20th to the 26th in Cinematheque Busan as part of the Arab Cultural Festival, running from May to July, including an art exhibition, a photography exhibition and a public lecture series. This is the second consecutive year for the festival, which is hosted by Korea-Arab … Continue reading 2014 Arab Film Festival in Korea