Exhibition: Retracing A Disappearing Landscape

Today I attended the opening of the exhibition "Retracing A Disappearing Landscape’,  held at the P21 Gallery in London, which runs from 29 March-15 May, 2018 and explores "people’s direct experience of and fascination with memory and personal history as well as the collective narratives that arise in connection with modern day Libya."  Artists featured included Elham … Continue reading Exhibition: Retracing A Disappearing Landscape

Whatever Happened to Immaginari PostColoniali/Postcolonial Visions?

A few years ago, I first learned about this project on Italian colonial memory called "Immaginari PostColoniali - PostColonial Visions".The project sought to establish "a large shared archive of everyday images and objects, an unconventional convention, exhibitions, performances and workshops in schools" about Italy's colonial history. I had a personal interest in this project because … Continue reading Whatever Happened to Immaginari PostColoniali/Postcolonial Visions?

“It’s Much More Than A Pause”: The State of the Arts in Libya Today

Today in The National, Nick Leech writes about the Fergianis, the Libyan family whose name has become synonymous with books. He talks to Ghassan Fergiani, the managing director of Darf Publishers, about the history of the Fergiani bookstores, and how the current situation is impacting their new publishing ventures. As with Rim Taher's article from … Continue reading “It’s Much More Than A Pause”: The State of the Arts in Libya Today

Notes on Translingual Literature

Over the past two days I attended a two day symposium held in Uppsala on translingual literature. Since I have not read widely in the field, some of the talks went way over my head, but it was a good introduction to the theories and methods and influential studies that are shaping ideas about translingual literature, and … Continue reading Notes on Translingual Literature

Arts of the Arab Uprisings

The exhibit "Arts of the Arab World Uprisings" is ongoing at the Arab American National Museum, up to February 9, 2014. The exhibit was created in conjunction with the 2013 Freer Symposium at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Participants of the symposium include Wael Abbas, Khaled Matawwa, Lina Ben Mhenni, Jill Dougherty, Stephennie Mulder, … Continue reading Arts of the Arab Uprisings

Leftovers of War

Three examples of art and bullets as the leftovers of war in Arab contexts: The Bullet Collection by Patricia Sarrafian Ward Throughout their childhood, Marianna watches Alaine collect the detritus of war—bullets, grenades, shrapnel, a gas mask. These objects, some taken from corpses, line Alaine’s bedroom shelves, a catalog of her retreat into a profound … Continue reading Leftovers of War

Art Exhibition The Libyan

"The Libyan, curated by Noon Art and supported by the British Council, will bring together, for the very first time in London at the Arab British Centre, the work of eight living Libyan artists." So there is an art exhibition that highlights the work of eight Libyan artists, both men and women, until 30 November. … Continue reading Art Exhibition The Libyan