Khatt Foundation at Design Days Dubai

Design Days Dubai describes itself as "the leading fair in the Middle East and South Asia dedicated to collectible and limited edition furniture and design objects." Mariam Nihal writes that Khan Foundation will be involved in this year's fair: "Luxury bags brand Baraboux collaborated with Khatt Foundation, for the design competition which was open to artists, … Continue reading Khatt Foundation at Design Days Dubai

UAE’s Writer Exchange Program

The Gulf Today writes about "the first partnership under the Writer Exchange category of MBRF’s Dubai International Program for Writing." Under the Writer Exchange category, MBRF will tie up with literary and knowledge entities worldwide to enable writers from the UAE and other countries to gain deeper understanding about each other’s cultures and express their … Continue reading UAE’s Writer Exchange Program

Making History in the Middle East

Glenn Lowry, former F|S curator of Islamic art and now director of the Museum of Modern Art, talks about contemporary art in the Middle East. In this presentation he looks at how history is constructed, in a region characterized by deja-vu, by the constant return of history. He mentions the Gulf and Levant, and in … Continue reading Making History in the Middle East