Zayni Barakat

Zayni Barakat, probably Jamal al-Ghitani's most famous novel, first published in serial form in the magazine Rose al-Yusif in 1971 and then in book form four years later in 1974, is set in Egypt in the 16th century, between the years 1516-17, when Ottoman armies defeated the forces of the Egyptian Mamluk Sultan Al Ghuri at the … Continue reading Zayni Barakat

A Symposium on Jurji Zaydan

Jurji Zaydan is the focus of a four hour symposium at the Library of Congress as scholars from the Arab world, Europe and North America presented papers and discussed the life and work of the noted Arab novelist, journalist and publisher. And ArabLit had a post (and a quiz!) on Zaydan yesterday, read a snippet: … Continue reading A Symposium on Jurji Zaydan