The Rise of the Arabic Novel

Laura Gribbon writes about the rise of the  Arabic novel through translation and adaption. As Gribbon writes:  "Going back to the late 19th and early 20th century Arab renaissance, critics questioned whether the Arabic novel itself merely mimicked a European genre." But the novel's journey into Arabic was actually "clandestine, meandering and mischievous," Professor Samah Selim … Continue reading The Rise of the Arabic Novel

Hadith Isa Ibn Hisham

The Narrative of Isa Ibn Hisham or A Period of Time by Muhammad Muwaylihi which was first serialized and then published in book form in 1907 is often one of the texts referred to when it comes to the origins of the Arabic novel because of its narrative quality and (semi)realism when it comes to … Continue reading Hadith Isa Ibn Hisham