On the Use of English in Arab(ic) Music

Ahdaf Soueif once said that “the use of English by Arab authors is expanding at a faster rate than the use of French." I haven't seen any empirical evidence for this, but it seems likely -- or if not exactly faster than French, than at least at an equal rate. Watching 47soul’s recent release “Raf Etair” … Continue reading On the Use of English in Arab(ic) Music

7ayy Festival

This Ramadan, the 7ayy! Festival (not to be confused with the Hay Festival), organised by Al-Mawred Al-Thaqafy, will feature female musicians from Sudan, Jordan, Palestine, Algeria and Morocco. The festival events take place on three weekends  in the El-Genaina Theatre inside Al-Azhar Park from 10-25 July. For details on the event times, see Ahram Online's Ramadan Culture … Continue reading 7ayy Festival