Why Arab Hyphen? The word for art in Arabic is fen —  and that’s also the latter part of the word “hyphen.” This blog is about Arab art, diaspora, identity and culture, and the title was my idea of a terrible pun.


I’m currently a postdoc visiting researcher at SOAS. My main research interests are in contemporary postcolonial fiction and poetry, in particular Arab Anglophone writing. A primary aim of my work is to bridge the divides between Anglophone literary scholarship and Arab literary traditions. I have just started working on a three year project which investigates the new narrative modes emerging in response to migration becoming a primary site of national security.

Academia page 

For comments or questions, contact me at: tqutait@gmail.com



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  2. B. Williams


    I couldn’t find another way to message you, so I’ll try this. I’m writing a paper on Jabra’s In Search of Walid Masoud at the moment, and found your post very interesting. I was wondering how you got access to the Johnson essay in Recognition: The Poetics of Narrative.. I’d like to read it and possibly use it in my paper.



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