Mahragan Music

Listening to Cairokee's Keif (Fix) recently, I was reminded to look up another crowdfunded project from a couple of years ago -- this one on Mahragan music and dance.    The project was first put up on the site back in 2014, the idea being to make a documentary on the Mahragan movement, focusing on the … Continue reading Mahragan Music

Racism and Welfare Conference

The Rasism och Välfärd (Racism and Welfare) conference, organised by CEMFOR (Centrum för mångvetenskaplig forskning om rasism) at Uppsala University, took place between 11-12 October. The first keynote, by Philomena Essed, was entitled "Inclusive Beyond Race: Racism, Dehumanization and the Pursuit of Dignity." The main thread that Essed developed in her talk was thinking beyond … Continue reading Racism and Welfare Conference