OtherPerspectivesFollowing a screening of Season Four of his comedy show Arab Labour, Sayed Kashua talks about his reasons for leaving Israel, in a panel moderated by Lucy Aharish with Mira Awad, Menashe Noy and Sammy Smooha. Nashua gets into a  bit of a heated debate with Smooha as to whether things have improved or not for Arabs in Israel and expresses his disillusionment and pessimism about the future, while Awad is more reconciliatory, expresses her belief that the silent majority is not with the right wing extremists whose voices are growing ever louder.

Noy joins Lucy Aharish and Dror Moreh and David Broza at another panel at the same festival to discuss “where they find hope” and “discuss the sense of void of space for diverse voices around the topic of Israel, in the press, community and cultural spheres.”

Mira Awad, meanwhile, discusses the documentary film “Write Down I am an Arab”, a biography of Mahmoud Darwish directed by Ibtisam Mara’ana Menuhin.


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