ArabfestThe 2014 Arab Film Festival is being held from the 20th to the 26th in Cinematheque Busan as part of the Arab Cultural Festival, running from May to July, including an art exhibition, a photography exhibition and a public lecture series.

This is the second consecutive year for the festival, which is hosted by Korea-Arab Society and and run by Busan Cinema Center and Art House Momo.

The program includes a total of eight films from  from seven Arab countries, Lebanon, Morocco, Algeria, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Jordan, Qatar, and Kuwait, with two documentaries and six feature films being shown in the festival.





The documentaries are:
“My Love Awaits Me by the Sea” by Mais Darwazah

My Love Awaits Me by the Sea [Official Trailer] from Mais Darwazah on Vimeo.

“The Man Inside” by Karim Goury

The Man Inside (short trailer with credits) from talmuhanna on Vimeo.


The films are:
“The Proof” by Amor Hakkar
“Blind Intersections” by Lara Saba
“Omar” by Hany Abu-Assad

“When Monaliza Smiled” by Fadi G. Haddad

“Factory Girl” by Mohamed Khan

“Rock the Casbah” by Laila Marrakchi


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