“The Libyan, curated by Noon Art and supported by the British Council, will bring together, for the very first time in London at the Arab British Centre, the work of eight living Libyan artists.”

So there is an art exhibition that highlights the work of eight Libyan artists, both men and women, until 30 November. Like a dream come true. It’s difficult to believe that this now is possible when for so long Libya was to the outside world a blank and barren place. Even more wonderful is that it is curated by Noon Arts which is an amazing enterprise:

Noon Arts is an artistic venture between two Libyan women, Najlaa El-Ageli and Nessrin Gebreel, whose love and mission is to let the world know about Libya’s art and artists. The Libyan exhibition is their debut project.

I hope events like this can be held in Libya in the future. There were some exhibitions, but they were rather limited in scope, for example the 3-day exhibition of paintings by Irish-Canadian artist Sibeal Foyle which contrasts images of the turmoil of Libya’s revolution last year with the serenity of the countryside and the landscape in Canada, which  was in Benghazi.

The artists featured in The Libyan exhibition are:

Yousef Fetis | Painter
Mohammed Albadri | Artist
Faten Baaba | Photographer
Naziha Arebi | Filmmaker/Photographer
Hadia Gana | Installation artist/Sculptor
Mohammad Bin Lamin | Artist
Najla Shawket Fitouri | Painter
Muktar Alshrief | Painter

And the exhibition got some (though not enough) coverage:

BBC Arabic’s report about the exhibition

“The Libyan” opens in London

The Libyan: First Exhibition of Post-Gaddafi Art in London

Libya Shares its Creative Heart

Libyan artists exhibit their works in Arab British Centre in London

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