Words, Words, Words

  Words Words Words a MARSM organised event featuring Palestinian artists billed as a celebration of "the power of words and meaning," took place this Friday at Richmix. The performers were two spoken word artists, Farah Chamma and Dana Dajani, and musician Jowan Safadi, making his UK debut. Rafeef Ziadah, herself a spoken-word artist, was going to host … Continue reading Words, Words, Words

Music Without Structure: Weaving and Layering “Real Sounds”

In a recent Diagonal Culture article on MidEast Tunes, a website with over 7000 songs available for free streaming, Jose Rodríguez quotes Esra'a Al Shafei, the founder, who explains that the project was intended "to promote, through music, constructive discourse about the region." Thus, the name: MidEast Tunes for Social Change. In his article, Rodríguez singles out Checkpoint 303 and their use of  the "real sounds of … Continue reading Music Without Structure: Weaving and Layering “Real Sounds”