I was sad to miss the live broadcasting of this event, but happy to find that it is now available online, transcript and all.

The panel explores speculative fiction and Afrofuturism as a source of inspiration for Indigenous, and Palestinian speculative fiction and ranges across a number of other topics.

Here is a snippet of Basma Ghalayini on the Venn diagram of interest in this topic, but also on the obstacles to an Arabic version of Palestine+100:

“You can think of it as a Venn diagram. Arab literature. Interested in the politics of the region. That was our aim to use science fiction as a way to get the audience to ask and listen and know about Palestine. There was a huge interest in the UK. There was interest in other countries. America, there was a lot of interest. Not so much in Palestine because the book isn’t out in Arabic yet. We are working on a translation. That was halted because of the pandemic. The responses were positive. Everyone liked different stories. They all got attention.” 

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