Focus Young Arab Choreographers is a project is supported by the Italian culture ministry and eleven different dance festivals in Italy.  The aim is to promote cultural dialogue and exchange between Arab and Italian artists and choreographers. The programme opens May 25 and runs until September 23.

Six young choreographers from the Arab world will present their work in different venues in Italy. Three of the choreographers are from Lebanon, the other three are from Tunisia, Egypt and Palestine.


Guy Nader (Lebanon) in Time Takes The Time Time Takes (TTTTTT)

Bassam About Diab (Lebanon) in Under the flesh

Jadd Tank (Lebanon) in Liberté toujours

Hamdi Dridi (Tunisia) in Tu Meur(S) De Terre

Mounir Saeed (Egypt) in What about Dante

Sharaf Dar Zaid (Palestine) in To be

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