‘On Arab Geographies’  brings together screenings of eight critically-acclaimed contemporary Arab films from across the region, as well as Q&A sessions and panel discussions on filmmaking in the region.

The program runs from May 4-6. See the full schedule here.

It is curated by Rabih El Khoury, who described it as a “travelogue”:

“This program aims to be a travelogue throughout the Arab world and beyond. A journey that is not only shaped by mobility and movement within a set of geographical entities, but also one that is led by internal wanderings, and individual efforts to find hope.”

The films opens with  ‘In The Last Days of the City’ (2016), directed by Tamer El Said.


Other films featured include:

Kaouther Ben Hania’s documentary ‘Zainab Hates the Snow’

Amna Al Nowais’s short , ‘Omnia’.





Nearby Sky by Nujoom Al Ghanem

Geographies by Chaghig Arzoumanian

Mare Nostrum by Anas Khalaf & Rana Kazkaz





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