57471010-8NhChRe:Orient in Stockholm, which arranges cultural events focusing on the Middle East, North Africa and the Balkans, is celebrating Music Freedom Day as well as International Women’s Day  with their week long Revolutionary Voices program from March 2-8. The program includes documentary screenings, a couple of panels and a concert, featuring Rim Banna, Tania Saleh, Dina El Wedidi and more.

The week long program begins with the documentary On The Banks Of The Tigris where Majid Shokor, an Iraqi living in Australia, travels “to Israel, Europe and Iraq to meet Iraqi musicians, hear their music and stories, and unite them in a concert for peace and reconciliation.”

Yasmin Fedda‘s Queens of Syria, where “Syrian refugee women create an updated version of Euripides’ ancient Greek play about refugees” is the second documentary from an Arab country shown during the event.

There are two panels, a conversation on “the power of art in the Middle East” with Palestinian singer Rim Banna, Sudanese political cartoonist Khalid Albaih och Syrian-born Palestinian poet Ghayath Almadhoun and a second panel on “the war against women” with Amineh Kakbaveh, Birgitta Ohlsson och Ulrika Modéer.

The program ends with a concert featuring Egyptian singer Dina El Wedidi, Lebanese singer Tania Saleh och the Iraqi Swedish group Tigris Birds.

See the full program here.

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