A solo exhibition by Iraqi-British artist Estabrak Al Ansari at the Gallery Sarah in Muscat will run till October 10,  on every Saturday to Thursday. The exhibition, titled “Consciousness” explores “existence in places where we cannot exist for long periods of time” – in much of her work, the symbolism of water as an element where we cannot live becomes a  metaphor through which the artist explores what is under the surface, themes of “identity, memory, culture, equality, gender, tradition, environment and understanding.”

Al Ansari has a fascination with “the notion of existing in dynamics and places you cannot exist in.” In this interview, she speaks about how her life in Oman has affected her work.

Under the name Thre3 Strokes,  Al Ansari together with Athena Anastasiou and Emily Campbell-Burdett perform “live art” that merges “film, projection, live painting and performance.”

Thre3 Strokes, Experimental Live Art from Estabrak Al-Ansari on Vimeo.

‘State of the Humanitarian System’ video representation of live installation. (8min teaser) from Estabrak Al-Ansari on Vimeo.

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