arab-film-festival-banner-slideThe Australian Arab Film Festival kicked off a few days ago and goes on to the 30th of August. The festival runs in Sydney until 16th August, Melbourne from 21st -23rd August and Canberra from 28th -30th August.

The full program is here.

Among the films on show are:

In a small Lebanese coastal village growing fear from the neighbours towards Ghadi, a young special needs boy, forces his father (Georges Khabbaz) to concoct a crazy scheme to convince the townspeople that his son is not the demon they fear but rather an angel who holds the answers to their problems.

A docu-drama following Ibrahim, an Iraqi soldier, as he makes his way home at the end of the Gulf War. His dreams of being reunited with his family are shattered by his imprisonment at the hands of Saddam’s brutal regime. This film tells the unforgettable story of the forgotten 1991 Iraqi Uprising.

Theeb (Wolf in Arabic), a young Bedouin boy, ventures on a treacherous journey across the desert only to discover his survival depends on a merciless raider.
Shot entirely on location against the ravishing landscape of Wadi Rum and Wadi Araba.

Tickets here.

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