French Moroccan artist Sara Ouhaddou will be taking part in a residency program in Brooklyn, New York at the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP).

Ouhaddou’s art is based on the reinvention and transformation of traditional patterns and designs in collaboration with Moroccan craftswomen. In this interview, she describes her work as a “deconstruction”:

“I find old patterns and do a complete decosntruction, like an explosion. I use it as a demonstration for the younger generation to show them that traditional art can be the basis for innovation.”

More about her projects here and here.

“Sara Ouhaddou is an artist and designer dedicated to preserving and reinterpreting dying craft techniques and to using them as the base for her contemporary art practice. Through her residency in New York City, Ouhaddou is adapting previous explorations in textile and ceramic tile, though glass.

Ouhaddou’s ongoing exploration of traditional Moroccan designs and forms began in 2011, when she first started researching Islamic geometry. Imbued with strong spiritual and cultural significance, Islamic geometry forms a longstanding cultural language used in craft, architecture, clothing and art across the Islamic world. Motivated by a curiosity around adapting this visual language to modern forms, as well as a desire to support traditional craft techniques at risk of being forgotten in contemporary Moroccan society, Ouhaddou set out to collaborate with craftsmen and women in her home country. In doing so she created modes of dialogue between artisans as well as supported micro-economies.”

BouOumlil by Sara Ouhaddou from Marwen FARHAT on Vimeo.

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