uppsala_event-01Malmo Arab Film Festival is coming to Uppsala on May 6th and 7th before the final stop at Stockholm on the 8th and 9th.

The films to be shown are:

Letters from Al Yarmouk

Villa 69

Excuse my French

The story of this film, about a boy who transfers from private to public school in Egypt, reminds me of the recent article  about international schools in Egypt and the increasing number of young people born and raised in Egypt who feel that English is their first language in writing.

Palestine Stereo

Les Mécréants (The Miscreants)

There will also be discuppsala_event-01ussion on extremism in Arab film on the 7th in Uppsala and the 9th in Stockholm.

Guest at the festival will include the actor Khaled Abol Naga, director Ayten Amin, director Mohcine Besri, director Rashid Masharawi and actor Salah Hannoun.

Malmo Arab Film Festival – MAFF is a unique festival in Europe…We work to the Arab films, talks and cultural exchanges contribute to greater understanding between cultures and people. MAFF is Scandinavia’s only film festival of Arab cinema and culture, and since 2013 Europe’s largest.

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