From Tamer Abu Ghazalah's Takhabot. Source.
From Ghassan Halwani’s animation for Tamer Abu Ghazalah’s song Takhabot. Source.

The Liverpool Arab Arts Festival (LAAF), now in its 14th year, runs from June 6-14 at venues across the city. This year performers include Tamer Abu Ghazaleh, composer of alternative Arabic music, Palestinian singer, musicologist and broadcaster, Reem Kelani, and a symposium event, entitled Shaping Change: Women, Culture, and Arts.


Abu Ghazaleh also has an exclusive “preview” show on Friday 17th April.

The Egyptian-born multi-instrumentalist’s music combines political satire with storytelling, making him a restless and inventive performer….is debut album Mir’ah (Mirror), released in 2008 and recorded with a group of Palestinian and Egyptian performers, featured seven entrancing and sometimes frenzied songs, all written during a turbulent period of demonstrations, bombardment and invasion of Palestinian cities. Composed during curfews, the album expresses everyday human emotions informed by the unreal experience of living in Palestine at that time.

More information on the LAAF programme is available here.

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