Seif Wanly, Untitled, c. 1953, Pastel on canson paper 30.5 x 47 cm. Source.

Egyptian artist Seif Wanly (1906 -1979) and his brother Adham were two of the first artists to introduce modern art to the Arab world. Born in Alexandria, the brothers studied at the studio of the Italian artist Otorino Becchi. They later set up their own studio in Cairo in 1942, together with the painter Ahmad Fahmi and the filmmaker Mohammed Bayoumi.

Google celebrated Seif Wanly’s birthday on the 31st of March with a Doodle of his famous 1950 painting “Untitled.”


Egyptian artist Seif Wanly’s works capture the theatrical and the sublime..portray[ing] society’s more esoteric dimensions, including medieval traditions, circus acrobats and ballet dancers.

Together the Wanly brothers participated in over 17 exhibitions.

Silver Anklets. Indian dancers fixing their silver anklets Gouache on black paper. 31.5 x 47.7 cm. Source.

The Wanly brothers were a true gift to the art world in Egypt and worldwide. Their work is displayed at the Seif and Adham Wanly Museum hosted in the villa of the Mahmoud Saïd Museum in Alexandria, the Museum of Fine Arts in Alexandria, the Museum of Egyptian Modern Art in Cairo, the Mathaf Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha, as well as in numerous private collections around the world.


For a full biography in Arabic, see Mathaf. 

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