Yom Al Ard, the Palestinian Land Day commemorates the protests that took place on 30th of March 1976, against the government’s decision to expropriate 20,000 acres in the Sakhneen area, for “security and settlement purposes.”  During the protests, six unarmed Palestinian citizens were killed.This year, the Land Day comes very soon after the Israeli elections, with Netanyahu’s victory at least in part driven by his blatantly racist comments against Palestinian Israeli citizens, dashing the hopes and confirming the fears of many of these citizens, as Sayed Kashua writes in The Guardian. 

Over the years many artists have produced work commemorating Yom Al Ard. One of the most famous is Abed Abdi and Gershon Knispel’s memorial sculpture.



Samia Halaby writes about Abed Abdi’s work in Jadaliyya. 

Abed Abdi has also created posters commemorating the Land Day, this one from 1980:


The Palestine Poster Project has many more Land Day posters in its archives.

Land Day in the Palestinian Posters, Feiruz Song from Farhat Art Museum on Vimeo.

Rare footage of Fairouz in rehearsal to commemorate Yom Al Ard

Land Day Documentaries

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