arab-women-writersAn old, updated list of works of fiction (and some non-fiction) in English by Arab (sometimes identified by others, sometimes self-identified) women writers.

Useful books:
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Amireh, Amal, och Lisa Suhair Majaj. Going global: the transnational reception of Third World women writers. Routledge, 2000. Print.
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Elmaz Abinader (poetry, memoirs)
Leila Aboulela (fiction)
Kathryn Abdul-Baki (fiction)
Susan Abulhawa (fiction)
Diana Abu Jaber (fiction)
Etel Adnan (poetry, essays)
Leila Ahmed (fiction, essays)
Soraya Antonius (fiction, memoirs)
Andrea Assaf (poetry, performance art)
Amal Amireh (essays)
Suad Amiry (memoir)

Leila Buck (plays)

Ghada Chehade (spoken word)
Fadia Faqir (fiction)
Mona Fayad (essays)

Zeina B. Ghandour (fiction)

Hedy Habra (fiction)
Mariam Haddad (poetry, essays)
Laila Halaby (poetry, fiction)
Suheir Hammad (poetry)
Nathalie Handal (poetry)
Dima Hilal (poetry)

Annemarie Jacir (poetry, screenwriting);
Randa Jarrar (fiction)

Mohja Kahf (poetry, essays, non-fiction)
Rania Khalil (plays)
Ghada Karmi (fiction, memoir)
Sahar Kayyal

Laila Lalami (fiction)

Lisa Suhair Majaj (poetry)
Jean Said Makdisi (memoir)
D H Melhem (poetry, fiction)
Amal Masri (fiction)
Susan Muaddi Darraj (fiction)

May Mansoor Munn (fiction)

Weam Namou-Yatooma (poetry, fiction)
Adele Ne Jame (poetry)
Barbara Nimri Aziz (essays, non-fiction)
Frances Khirallah Noble (fiction)

Samia Serageldin (fiction)
Sekeena Shaben (poetry, fiction)
Betty Shamieh (plays)
Deema Shehabi (poetry)
Naomi Shihab Nye (poetry, fiction)
Laila Shereen (poetry)
Ahdaf Souief (fiction)

Alia Yunis (fiction)

Yasmin Zahran (fiction)
Lorene Zarou-Zouzounis (poetry)
Rafeef Ziadeh (spoken word poetry)

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